Tuesday 13th October 2020

Update on church repair works

Since January scaffolding has been in place in the tower to enable work on the clolck chamber floor.  The specialist building company has made progress on the beams supporting the floor.  Consultations were required with the architect at each stage; sometimes these were delayed or halted by Coronavirus-19.

Recently a new oak beam has been inserted, supported by brackets, which had to be specially made by a steel fabricator.  There is more work to be done on an adjacent beam, for which new oak has been ordered. Once this stage has been completed the clock will be reinstated along with a new auto-winding system (electrification).

The next stage is a detailed inspection of the roof and the ceiling of the nave, the main part of the church.  The inspection alone will cost in the region of £12,000.  Once the necessary information is obtained the PCC will apply for grants, and it is hoped that the HCCF will be able to contribute towards the costs, as before.