The Team

Everyone involved in HCCF is a volunteer – helping out because they love their community and their church. In time we would like to list everyone who contributes in some way – in tribute and also to show how it is only through collaboration that we can make progress (true in every aspect of our lives). So, this list is a starter, to be completed and added to over time. Of course, most of these people could be listed in many of the categories. And, if you know of someone who should be included please tell us and we will add them right away.

The Charity Trustees:

  • Alex Williams (leads the volunteer maintenance team)
  • Alicia Stolliday (named lead for the Charity Commission)
  • Celia Atherton (Chair)
  • Sue Mahon (community fundraising events)

They are standing members of the Fundraising Group, along with:

  • Annie Williams (community fundraising events)
  • Bruce Nicholls (treasurer)
  • Carole Oldfield (community fundraising events)
  • Chris Whittaker (church and grounds history and maintenance)
  • 'The Darlings' Francesca Smith and Sue Tregelles (PR and marketing)

Our Maintenance volunteers working on the Churchyard and exterior of the Church include:

  • Alex Williams
  • Brian Waldron
  • Bruce Nichol
  • Chris Whittaker
  • Ed Blight
  • Ian Carne
  • Jim Hoddinott
  • Jonathan Bean
  • Matt White
  • Paddy Mahon
  • Pat Blight
  • Peter Kirkham
  • Peter Patrick
  • Rachael Barber
  • Simon Watson
  • Stanley Oldfield
  • Steve Crimp

And of course in addition there are many people who make the running of the Church seamlessly smooth, whether it is helping with the Services, the flowers, bell ringing, cleaning and they also provide their talents and time to help mount fundraising events.

And, we are hugely lucky to have many professionals and organisations who support the collective efforts of ourselves and the Church Council. These include: