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Money is precious, not least to you. So, we know we are asking a lot when we invite you to donate to the effort to make our church fit for the 21st century. You might already give to the church - we hope you will consider adding to that. And, if you have never given before, now is a brilliant time to do so. We’ve made it as easy as possible - just click here.

If you can donate - however much you can, from a fiver to five thousand pounds (actually, there’s no limit..!) - we promise it will be spent carefully and wisely. What you donate will go entirely to getting these works done.

So, if you can feel you can give, please click here.

And, if you don’t want to use our online donation scheme you can make out a cheque or make a payment direct from your bank account to the HCCF one (BACS). Our sort code is 09-01-29 and our account number is 19101525. Give your name as the reference please. And please remember that, if you make a payment by cheque or BACs you can add Gift Aid if you fill in the form (ask us for it).


So many people give some of their time to help - that is immensely valuable both in what is achievable when we all pull together, but also for the wonderful warm sense of community that emerges.

Maybe you contribute in this way already? If so, do you know others who you could invite to join you? And, maybe there is something else you think you could do to help.

What do we need - cakes, preserves, soups, bread, help on stalls, distributing updates round the parish, writing updates, keeping our website up to date, thinking up and running other events, providing music for events, chairing talks, putting on concerts…and more. Tell us what you can do and we’ll say yes!

Tell us what you think

Doing all this with YOUR input will make everything so much more successful. ‘Many hands make light work… Two heads are better than one… A problem shared is a problem halved…’ It’s all true. People – YOU! – have great ideas. Tell us! Tell us how we could do things better. Tell us what you hope to see happen. We want to hear it all - really. After all, we can’t hear your thoughts - you just need to talk to us!

Keep up-to-date

As you can see from this website, the updates we hope you have been receiving, and our other ways of keeping in touch… things move on all the time. There are new events, fresh news too. The best way to remain in the loop on all things HCCF is to join our mailing list.

You’ll receive our updates (four a year), invitations to special events and be the first to find out how to get involved. To register, please fill out your details below.

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We promise not to pass on your details to anyone else, and to only contact you about the work and ambitions for the church in our community. You can opt out at any time. Our privacy policy goes into this at length