Our Village

Harberton, a village with a heart

Nestling in its twisting green valleys, its narrow roads wandering between a pretty miscellany of houses and cottages, big and small, new and old, Harberton sits comfortably with its long history, evolving daily as a vibrant home where most of us know one another but are proud to welcome visitors. Radiating around our magnificent church and venerable Church House Inn by the village ‘Square’, we are a lively community of old and young of astonishingly varied interests. More than just a dormitory for local towns, many small businesses thrive around the village - upholstery, B&Bs, blacksmithing, joinery, farming, metal working and building - to name a few. A village of craftspeople, practical and artistic, brought together and kept informed by our unique village e:circular.

The life force of a true village relies on a beating sense of community, and far from being a forgotten rural retreat where we bask in our peace and quiet, our village pulses with spirit, coming together to collaborate in - amongst many diverse activities - an annual pantomime, concerts from rock to folk to classical, a thriving cricket club, golfing society, knitting nights at the pub, a dog show, Mummers’ play, carol singing in the Square, badminton, book clubs, village-wide suppers, village fairs, children’s story telling parties, a craft club, bakery days, even a croquet tournament!

We love to live in Harberton, but we also enjoy sharing the beauties of our charming village and the tranquil pleasures of our valleys with newcomers and strangers.

Harberton: a village with a beating heart!